When entrepreneurs apply for a loan

When entrepreneurs apply for a loan at Fine Bank, they sometimes ask, “in what bases” does Fine Bank verify the credibility of its borrowers? Some people probably have already come across the name The Credit Information Bureau. If you hear it for the first time, I invite you to the article!

The Credit Information Bureau, is a private institution (to be precise: a joint-stock company), whose owners are primarily banks. Banks established The Credit Information Bureau to exchange information, which on the one hand is a banking secret and on the other is very valuable in the credit assessment of each borrower.

Who goes to The Credit Information Bureau?

Who goes to The Credit Information Bureau?

Each of us may use a loan or credit from time to time. At least for the purchase of some consumer good (TV, console or exotic vacation). Information on any such credit transaction, if carried out by the bank, is forwarded to the Credit Information Bureau.

After the loan is granted, the banks also report any change in debt service. Whether we repaid the loan installment or not. Whether we used the available credit card limit or not. Have we applied for a loan that is awaiting consideration?

If we incur liabilities as consumers , we get to a part of the collection that collects information about “consumer” debts.

When we run a business, the use of additional financing can be beneficial to our business. So we take a loan “for the company”. Is the same way to The Credit Information Bureau information about these obligations incurred “on the company”?

YES, it’s exactly the same.

If we take out a loan for our business, then our data will go to part of the set with “company” liabilities. So they differ with whom the contract is concluded. If we run a business in the form of a sole proprietorship, then we will be a party to the contract as a natural person running a business.

When we conduct business in the form of a company – the party to the contract will be the company and the company data will be forwarded to The Credit Information Bureau.

And why is such data collected at all?


It turns out that such data (who, when, when and for how long incurs their liabilities and how pays them back in a timely manner) allows to “predict” what the borrower will handle in the future. Will it make payments on time or with delays . They also give you the opportunity to quickly assess and make a credit decision in a few minutes (just like on Fine Bank).

Thus, all companies that are required by law to make a risk assessment before concluding a loan agreement are interested in using this data. Also other financial market participants who borrow money want to have access to this data.

Credit for relaxation will depend on the treatment center you choose

Our daily lives are stressful, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to take the time to rest. Between work, shopping and the education of children, it is sometimes necessary to take care of beaches of well-being and relaxation. But taking care of yourself comes at a cost, and you have to make sure you manage your budget properly.

Take care of yourself without breaking the bank

Take care of yourself without breaking the bank

Far from the madness of everyday life, between public transport, work and maintenance of your house, you have to try to relax. Nothing like recharging your batteries and getting back in top shape, than offering yourself a well-being stay in a relaxation center. But beware: the prices of these balneotherapy or thalassotherapy cures can quickly hurt your finances. A relaxation credit can allow you to offer you a fitness stay with complete peace of mind , while respecting both your well-being … and that of your bank account. This loan will give you the opportunity to benefit from personalized support, a fixed interest rate and a repayment schedule adapted to your means.

Also note that if this treatment has been prescribed by a doctor, part of the costs may be covered by Social Security and your mutual health insurance.

A relaxation credit adapted to your desires

A relaxation credit adapted to your desires

The beneficiary of the relaxation loan can use it freely without having supporting documents to present . It is indeed a personal loan. You can therefore, according to your desires, go for a cure in a health center, but also register for a sports course, or simply take a trip. There are many ways to relax: don’t let money get in the way of your plans!

Relaxation credit: for what amount?

Relaxation credit: for what amount?

The amount of your relaxation credit will depend on the treatment center you choose , from $ 3,000 to $ 75,000. First of all, be sure to choose the formula that suits your needs: spa treatment, fitness, thalassotherapy, etc. After checking your repayment capacity, find the most suitable loan in just a few clicks using our personal loan comparator .